Computer installation


               DESK 1               


Server computer

System Components HP Proliant ML110 G5
Intel Xeon 3065 @ 2.33 Ghz. , 2 Gb. DDR2 Ram, 500Gb. sataII 
Mainboard --
Add on cards Pci express 1 port external sata II
External Hardware --


Server Computer Windows 2003 Small Business Server
(shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my desktop computer) 


Desktop computer

System Components AMD Athlon 2000+ XP, 1,5 Gb DDR-Ram,  80 Gb. HDD Western Digital
DVD-rom DDU1613,  DVD-Rewriter Optiarc, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD, 
Mainboard DFI  AD70-SR
Add on cards Gainward Geforce 440mx TV Out VGA AGP,  Realtek 8139(a) NIC, Soundblaster PCI 128
Studio DC10Plus Pinnacle systems,  
External Hardware HP scanjet 3300 USB 24bits scanner,   Multimedia speakers 240W , Midiblaster,
22" wide screen lcd-display (Hyundai), Keyboard azerty IBM, Logitech Trackman marble
Description Computer used for Graphical applications, Video Editing


Internet/Fax/Webdesign computer

System Components Fujitsu Esprimo P700 E85+,  Intel Q65 Chipset
Intel Core i5-2500 processor (4 cores 4 threads 3.30 Ghz. 6MB Sandybridge
4Gb. DDR3 Ram  unbuffered non-ecc 1333Mhz.pc3-10600 dimm
HDD 500 Gb. Sata III 7200rpm
Mainboard D3061-A1x
Add on cards Host controller card USB 3 Nec (D2971-A1x)
External Hardware --


Computer used for office programs, internet, mail & webdesign (shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my desktop computer)


CDRW computer

System Components Pentium  III 1.13Ghz.., 768Mb. Ram, 40 Gb. HDD Maxtor, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD, Plextor 12Plex SCSI-II CDrom,  Plexwriter 40/12/40A Plextor CDRewriter , Iomega Zipdrive internal Atapi
Mainboard Epox  3VSA2
Add on cards Geforce2 Mx400 32Mb.VGA AGP,  Realtek 8139(a) NIC, Soundblaster Live! 1024
External Hardware --


Computer used for CD Copying/Mastering (shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my desktop computer)


               DESK 2               


Music computer

System Components AMD Athlon XP 2400+., 1 Gb. Ram DDR-333,  80Gb. HDD WD + 250Gb. HDD WD, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD,
32x CDrom Plextor Ultraplex SCSI-II, 
Teac R58S 32x/8x CDWriter SCSI-II
Sony CD-rewriter  2x2x6x,  QIC80 350Mb. Colorado
Mainboard Elitegroup  ECS K7S5A
Add on cards ATI Rage 128 16Mb. SDram AGP,   Tekram DC-315U SCSI-II host adapter, Onboard LAN Sis900,  Hercules Game Theatre 7.1 XP with breakout-box.
External Hardware Hyuandai 15" TFT  L50A, Keyboard Azerty IBM, Logitech kidz mouse
Musical Hardware PA installation 2x300w. JB systems Professional Power Amplifier A600, Solton 12" speakerset system 350w, Dj mixer JB systems LAM91,  Roland D-50 synthesizer, Boss Doctor synth 330
Description Computer used for Musical applications (HDD-recording, Sequencing, CD-audio writing)


Game & Testcomputer

System Components AMD Phenom II , 4Gb DDR3 Ram, HDD 500Gb. WD Black Edition,  DVD-rewriter optiarc
ATI Radeon™ HD 4200 VGA onboard       AMD 785G/SB710 Chipset
Mainboard Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
Add on cards --
External Hardware --


Computer used for Gaming & Testing(shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my Music computer)


P2P computer

System Components

eMachines EL1200
AMD e2650, 1Gb. Ram,  160 Gb. HDD WD, DVD-rewriter

Mainboard --

Add on cards


External Hardware

Description Computer for Peer-to-peer networking(shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my Music computer)


Windows for workgroups computer

System Components

Pentium 133Mhz., 32Mb. Ram, 540Mb. HDD IBM, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD,
Colorado 250Mb. Tape streamer

Mainboard ASUS

Add on cards

S3 Trio64V+ 1Mb., 3com 3c509b 10Mb. Nic, Pc Busport 8bit ISA
Amigo Communion Internal Modem Fax 14.4k/9.6k 

External Hardware

Logitec scanman color
Description Computer running Windows for Workgroups 3.11
(shares monitor/keyboard & trackball with my music computer) 




DVD computer

System Components

AMD Athlon 1800+ XP, 1Gb Ram,  40 Gb. HDD Maxtor, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD
DVD Toshiba 6x, DVD-rewriter optiarc

Mainboard MSI KT3 Ultra 2 MS-6380E

Add on cards

Hercules Fortissimo 7.1, Hercules SmartTV Stereo

External Hardware

13,3" wide screen eMachines LCD display, Genius TwinTouch Desktop Keyboard Wireless, Logitech Trackman marble wireless
Description Computer for playing DVD's and Video-CD on my Television set


Portable computer Compaq Presario 1600XL

System Components

Celeron 500Mhz., 64Mb. Ram, 6 Gb. HDD, 1.44 Mb. 3½" FDD, DVD 6x, 12,1" TFT screen, Trident Cyberblade 1 SVGA, Via Sound-on-board, 56k Internal Modem Fax, JBLpro speakerset, disqplay²

Add on cards

Pcmcia 3com 10/100Mb. NIC

External Hardware

WinTV USB Hauppage
Description Portable computer  for on the road

    LAPTOP Computers    


Medion MD98300 15,6"

System Components

AMD Turion II TL-50,  2Gb DDR-2 533Mhz. Ram,  320 Gb. HDD WD Black Edition, DVD-rewriter
nvidia nForce Go6150

External Hardware

Pinnacle WinTV
Description Portable computer for desktop replacement on the road


Medion MD96888 Akoya 1210 10,1" netbook

System Components

Intel Atom 1.6Hz,  1gb. Ram, 160Gb. HDD
Description Little jukebox on the road


Medion MD99330 Akoya E1318T 10,1" netbook

System Components

 AMD A4-1200 dual core 1 GHz,  4gb. Ram, 500Gb. HDD
Description  Digital photobook - teampartner for my Nikon DSLR on the road


Asus Eeepc 1201n 12,1" netbook

System Components

Intel Atom Dual Core N330 1,6 Ghz. , 2gb. Ram, 250Gb. HDD & nVidia ion 

Description Computer for internet on the road



               COMMON USE               


Network Devices & Printers

Hubs & Switches

1- Level one  Officecon FSW-2016TX (16 port 10/100Mbps Dual speed Switch)
2- Sitecom NexHub HD080 (8port 10/100Mbps. Dual speed)
3- Mentor (8port 100 Mbs)
4- Edimax (5port 100Mbps)

Print Server

D-link DP-100 (2x bidirectional LPT, 1x Com)

Router US Robotics USR8000

1-HP DeskJet 1220C on Lpt1 USR8000
2-HPDeskJet 500C on Lpt1 DP-100
3-Star LC100 on Lpt2 DP-100
4-HP Laserjet series II on Com1 DP-100
5-Canon Pixma IP3000 on server USB
6-Okidata 4250D mono-led on server USB
7-Samsung CLX3175FN on network

(Because of the fast evolution of computer-industrie these configurations aren't always up-to-date)