My greatest hobby (and profession): computer. Beyond my profession I spend a lot of hours with my personal computers. I try to follow the computer-evolution. My personal infrastructure exists of many computers for daily use.  I update these computers regular to follow the modern needs. The first computer I assembled dates from 1989. Since that moment I've upgrade my computers always with own hands.


    My second passion is music. I'm already musician since I was 6 years old. From the age of 8 I've followed the traditional music lessons. I also play a lot of music instruments. The instruments I play are: Organ, piano, synthesiser, keyboard, Tuba, bugle and trumpet.  Beyond playing instruments manually I'm fascinated of the combination of music and computer. Therefore I started in 1990 with composing midi-files. Except playing active music I was radio technician/host on Web Radio Milo former 103.1 FM for a 13 years.  Spring 2013 I began playing stage piano/keyboard in the band 'Go-For-Hit'


    Since 1995 I was also a member (pointnr. 2:292/401.110) of the world-wide fidonet.  Regulary I did poll the mail and read carefully incoming messages. We still come together on a regular base to the former Point-meetings (PV's).  On these meetings we're drinking and chatting about very (useful) subjects. I'm also THE local quizmaster since June '98.  I've invited XVDW,   what stands for 'Kwis Van De Week' translated as Quiz of the week .  Every week I search for music fragments. Weekly I select one and distribute it on the yahoogroup and on this homepage.  The competitors has to guess the title and performer of the music and send the answer to me by Email.

    Beyond fidonet, I also very loyal to internet. Regular I surf to different sites for useful information and programs. Sometimes I participate on IRC Chatboxes. My personal opinion of internet? It's a very BIG environment which gives my computer a extra. You can see it like a very big but sometimes slow harddrive. I also love to design WebPages. My favourite webdesigningsoftware is FrontPage.

Old Computers

    Since a while I'm also interested in old computer systems.  I'm not limited to a special type of computers.  At this moment I'm working on my Apple collection.  I'm the owner of a Apple III, Lisa, LCII and a Macintosh SE. I'm still searching for a Apple II and a Macintosh (the original). My collection IBM consists of a original Personal Computer XT. I'm also owner of the PS/2 8530 and  8550.  My collection homecomputers consists of a Atari 400xl, 800xl and a Commodore 16.


    An other hobby is reading and collecting cartoons.  I possess the complete series of Suske & Wiske, Jommeke, Piet pienter & Bert bibber, Luc Orient, Kuifje, De kampioenen and Kiekeboe (de kiekeboes). These are of course belgian series.  Later I also want to complete my other series. (especially Nero)


    My other hobbies are Snooker, pool. I also love to play darts and tennis. Because I don't have much time for it I don't practice these hobbies frequently.